The world’s scientists have warned of the severe consequences of a deepening climate crisis on our physical security, access to water and our way of life.

After 40 years of deindustrialisation and unmanaged globalisation we are left with a hollowed out economy, wage stagnation and deepening inequality – and the planet is literally burning.

Labour has already made the UK the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency, but we won’t stop there.

We must come together now with a bold vision that matches the seriousness of the crisis we face.

We must grasp this opportunity to transform our economy and usher in a new era of public luxury based on social and climate justice.

In power, Labour will pull all the levers of government to tackle the climate crisis and kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution to transform lives. We’ll create green unionised jobs and achieve social justice on issues like housing, regional and structural inequality, public transport and unemployment.

We pledge to support every effort to achieve the following from national government:


The British government to take the lead in developing a clean, green economy of the future:

  1. To set up a National Transformation Fund and National Investment Bank to invest £500 billion to transform our economy and tackle climate change
  2. To source the majority of the nation’s electricity and heat from renewable and low carbon sources by 2030
  3. To guarantee well-paid, unionised, green jobs across all sectors and ensure economic and job security for everyone in the UK
  4. To leave no part of the UK behind, with a particular focus on deindustrialised towns which have been historically reliant on the energy economy
  5. To end extreme inequality through fairer taxation, ensuring the cost of decarbonisation is borne by the wealthiest and not the majority
  6. To extend and strengthen public ownership of common resources, including by taking the energy networks and the water system into public ownership and by taking a stake in new energy generation


To secure for all people and future generations the right to:

  1. Clean air
  2. Clean water and healthy food
  3. Heat and electricity
  4. Access to nature
  5. Access to affordable, low carbon and well-funded public transport
  6. Affordable and adequate housing
  7. Economic security
  8. Good paying, unionised jobs


Recognition that the climate crisis, air pollution and poor access to nature affect some communities and people more acutely than others especially:

  1. BAME communities
  2. LGBTQ+ people
  3. Coastal and agricultural communities
  4. Women
  5. People with disabilities
  6. Low-income workers
  7. Older people
  8. The unsheltered
  9. Youth


To recognise the UK's historic and ongoing responsibility for climate change, to properly commit to supporting climate mitigation and adaptation efforts led by the countries in the Global South, and to support countries severely affected by extreme weather.


To develop a fairer and greener economy by the many, for the many, bringing people from our diverse communities together with trade unions and businesses. Read our Green Transformation policy here


To build resilience against climate change disasters at a national and local level, implementing area-specific measures that reflect locally identified threats.


To mitigate and prepare for the long-term health effects caused by the climate crisis by providing proper funding for the NHS.


To provide access to high-quality and free education, including higher education and lifelong learning, so that all people in the UK can be full and equal participants in the Green Industrial Revolution.

Will you pledge to sign up to the Green Industrial Revolution?